Travel Charger w/ Built-in Battery / Lightning

The TYLT Energi combines a backup rechargeable battery pack with a rapid home charger. It's high capacity battery will fully charge your smartphone once while on-the-go. Also available in Micro-USB version

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internal 1800mah lithium ion battery

Will provide up to 5 hours additional talk-time, one full charge to a smartphone, 1/3 charge to a tablet (7"), and 12 full charges to a Bluetooth device.

fold-away ac prongs

When the unit is plugged into a wall outlet, both the internal battery reserve of the Energi and your electronic device will be charged. The AC prongs fold away conveniently for on-the-go use.

Universal female usb charging socket

Insert a USB cable to charge most wireless devices, including iPod, iPhone and iPad.

led battery level indicator

Press the button to reveal the battery level currently remaining in the Energi.

Embedded flex lightning charging cable

Flexible fold-away arm charges iPhones, iPods, and iPads without the need for additional cords.