Portable Battery Pack / Micro-USB

The TYLT PowerPlant is a small and portable back-up charger. Its high capacity battery will fully charge your smartphone twice. It is designed to hold a charge for over a year.

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micro-usb input charging socket

Insert Micro-USB cable to charge the internal battery reserve of the PowerPlant.

Universal female usb charging socket

Insert a USB cable to charge most wireless devices, including iPod, iPhone and iPad.

flex port cover

Flexible door protects ports when not in use.

Embedded flex charging cable

Flexible fold-away arm charges iPhones, iPods, and iPads without the need for additional cords.

internal 5200mah lithium ion battery

Will provide up to 12 hours additional talk-time, two full charges to a smartphone, one full charge to a tablet (7"), and 36 full charges to a Bluetooth device.

led battery level indicator

Press the button to reveal the battery level currently remaining in the PowerPlant.